EQUITOY Members are committed to producing products which comply in full with UK and EU legal requirements. In particular, product safety is considered vital in todays market and the rules and regulations change frequently.

Our Members are kept up to date with developments and enjoy the benefit of having access to the latest information – often a long time before the rules are changed. In that way, products which are being developed can be designed and made according to requirements which will be enforceable when they are placed on the market.

We monitor the work of international product safety committees and legislators. We provide key advice about emerging issues so that Members can prepare their ranges in time for changes in the legislation.

EQUITOY Members can be confident that the advice they receive is authoritative. Our experts are actively involved in it and can influence it from time to time.

Example documentation can be provided and independent audits of due diligence systems is also available to help Members meet their defined legal obligations.

If you are not fully aware of your company’s obligations, you need to JOIN NOW.