EQUITOY Members benefit from help and advice in today’s competitive world:

  • Our expert advisers are on hand to advise about:
    • Legal issues
    • Employment
    • Tax
    • Pensions
    • Intellectual Property
    • Insurance
    • Currency
    • Product Safety
    • Toy Safety
    • Trading Standards
    • Due diligence
    • Product recall
    • Environmental Protection
    • Ethical policies
    • Customs
    • Duty Rates

Our experts offer generous discounts to EQUITOY Member companies. These benefits can alone save Members more than the cost of membership itself. That’s why it pays to join EQUITOY! For details, please contact our experts.

Other EQUITOY Members can often provide guidance and advice on:

  • Trading conditions
  • Customer relations
  • Bad debts
  • Product sourcing
  • Travel
  • Exhibitions
  • Service providers
  • Freight
  • Logistics